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Multi-day Clinic

Stockdog Training Clinic

Sat, Oct 26th, 2024 - Sun, Oct 27th, 2024

Alamo, Tennessee


Brad Laman | Jason Terrell| Jensen Gainer | J.R. Bailey

Lesson/Clinic Dates

Sat, Oct 26th, 2024 - Sun, Oct 27th, 2024

Clinic Details

This clinic will feature four clinicians: Brad Lamon, Jason Terrell, Jensen Gainer, and J.R. Bailey.

The first morning the dogs will be evaluated on cattle and then the clinicians will split up and spend the rest of the weekend working with participants and their dogs in four separate locations on the farm — three fields and one indoor arena.  

Contact one of the following to register:

Brad Lamon 731-617-8808

Jason Terrell 817-776-0106

Jensen Gainer 817-797-4573

J.R. Bailey 702-289-5348

Clinic Fees

Auditing (One Day)

: $25

Working (Multi-day)

: $300 for first dog $50 each additional dog

Clinic Contacts(s)

Brad Lamon




Clinic Venue: Lamon Farms

1320 Emerson Road, Alamo, Tennessee 38337

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