United States Border Collie Handler's Association (USBCHA)

National Sanctioning

The largest trial sanctioning organization in North America, the USBCHA sanctions big field sheep and cattledog trials throughout the United States and Canada. While USBCHA sanctions only open and nursery classes, many trials offer lower level classes as well which may be co-sanctioned by a regional organization. USBCHA sheepdog finals are generally held late September or early October and its cattledog finals are usually held in mid-October. A USBCHA nursery eligible dog is one whose 3rd birthday falls on or after July 1 of the year in which that Nursery Final is held. (e.g. Dogs born on or after July 1, 2021 are eligible for the 2024 nursery finals).


United States Border Collie Handler's Association (USBCHA)

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